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Prof Dr. Federico Lavorini, Medicine and Dentistry, Best Research Article Award.

Università di Firenze, Italy

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💡Bio Summary : 

Dr. Federico Lavorini, born on June 16, 1965, in Pistoia, Italy 🇮🇹, is a distinguished Professor and Chair of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Florence. He serves as the Head of the Respiratory and Critical Care Unit at Careggi University Hospital in Florence. With a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Lavorini has made significant contributions to the fields of respiratory medicine, diagnostics, and therapeutics of inhaled drugs.

👩‍🔬 Education:

Dr. Federico Lavorini embarked on his academic journey in Pistoia, Italy, attending Classic High School “N. Forteguerri” from 1979 to 1984 🏫. He continued his pursuit of knowledge at the University of Florence, graduating with honors from the School of Medicine and Surgery in 1991 🎓. Driven by a passion for respiratory health, he further specialized in Pulmonary Disease, completing the Postgraduate School at the University of Florence from 1992 to 1996 🫁. His academic prowess culminated in a Ph.D. in Applied Pathophysiology, awarded by the University of Florence in the years 1996-2000 🧪. These formative years laid the foundation for Dr. Lavorini’s distinguished career in respiratory medicine and research.

🔍 Research Focus:

Dr. Lavorini’s research is centered around:

Diagnostics and therapeutics of inhaled drugs, emphasizing novel drug delivery methods for managing asthma and COPD. Intractable cough diagnosis and treatment, evaluating cough motor components and sensitivity in patients with respiratory and non-respiratory diseases. Asthma, focusing on controlling breathing and assessing lung function in patients, along with methods to aid correct inhaler usage.

👩‍💼 Professional Journey:

Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Careggi University Hospital, Florence (2000-2018). Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Florence (2018-). Head of Respiratory Unit, Careggi University Hospital, Florence (2018-).

🏆 Honors & Awards:

Board certified in Pulmonary Disease (1996).

Ph.D. in Applied Pathophysiology (2000).

Co-Chair of the European Respiratory Society/International Society in Aerosol Medicine Guidelines on inhalation devices for asthma and COPD treatment (2018).

📚 Top Noted Publications :

Effect of Incorrect Use of Dry Powder Inhalers on Management of Patients with Asthma and COPD

Authors: F Lavorini, A Magnan, JC Dubus, T Voshaar, L Corbetta, M Broeders, …

Journal: Respiratory Medicine

Year of Publish: 2008

Citation: 102(4), 593-604

Index: 814

Impaired Immune Cell Cytotoxicity in Severe COVID-19 is IL-6 Dependent

Authors: A Mazzoni, L Salvati, L Maggi, M Capone, A Vanni, M Spinicci, …

Journal: The Journal of Clinical Investigation

Year of Publish: 2020

Citation: 130(9), 4694-4703

Index: 490

Critical Inhaler Errors in Asthma and COPD: A Systematic Review of Impact on Health Outcomes

Authors: OS Usmani, F Lavorini, J Marshall, WCN Dunlop, L Heron, E Farrington, …

Journal: Respiratory Research

Year of Publish: 2018

Citation: 19, 1-20

Index: 360

Inhaler Errors in the CRITIKAL Study: Type, Frequency, and Association with Asthma Outcomes

Authors: DB Price, M Román-Rodríguez, RB McQueen, S Bosnic-Anticevich, …

Journal: The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice

Year of Publish: 2017

Citation: 5(4), 1071-1081. e9

Index: 359

The First Tissue-Engineered Airway Transplantation: 5-Year Follow-up Results

Authors: A Gonfiotti, MO Jaus, D Barale, S Baiguera, C Comin, F Lavorini, …

Journal: The Lancet

Year of Publish: 2014

Citation: 383(9913), 238-244

Index: 345

Retail Sales of Inhalation Devices in European Countries: So Much for a Global Policy

Authors: F Lavorini, CJ Corrigan, PJ Barnes, PRN Dekhuijzen, ML Levy, …

Journal: Respiratory Medicine

Year of Publish: 2017

Citation: 105(7), 1099-1103

📊 Author Metrics:

Member of editorial boards for journals like Canadian Respiratory Journal, Journal of Aerosol Medicine, and more.

Member of international research groups, including the Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG) and the European Respiratory Society.

📅 Research Timeline:

1980s-1990s: Student internships and early clinical exposure at the University of Florence.

2000s: Transitioned into a consultant role, initiated research in diagnostics and therapeutics of inhaled drugs.

2010s: Advanced to Head of Respiratory Unit, expanded research into cough and asthma control.

2018+: Established as a Professor of Respiratory Medicine, leading international guidelines on inhalation devices.


Prof. Dr. Federico Lavorini has left an indelible mark on the field of respiratory medicine, spearheading impactful research that has significantly advanced our understanding of inhaler use, immune responses in severe COVID-19, and pioneering tissue-engineered airway transplantation. His extensive body of work, ranging from the critical examination of inhaler errors to unraveling the IL-6 dependence in COVID-19, reflects his commitment to enhancing patient outcomes. With a career spanning over three decades, Prof. Lavorini’s contributions have not only shaped clinical practices but have also paved the way for innovative approaches in regenerative medicine. His dedication to unraveling complexities in respiratory care underscores the critical importance of correct inhaler techniques and informs global perspectives on inhalation device policies. 🌐🫁🔬 In the vast landscape of respiratory research, Prof. Dr. Federico Lavorini stands as a trailblazer, leaving a lasting impact that resonates across diverse aspects of patient care and scientific inquiry. 🌟

Prof Dr Federico Lavorini | Medicine and Dentistry | Best Research Article Award

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