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Dr. Sherry Courtney | Neonatology | Best Researcher Award.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ,United States

Professional Profiles:


👨‍🎓 Bio Summary:

Dr. Sherry Courtney is a highly accomplished neonatologist with a career spanning several prestigious institutions. She obtained her MD from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and a Master of Science in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis from the University of Michigan.

🎓 Education:

Dr. Courtney’s educational journey includes a BA from Kansas State University, an MD from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and an MS from the University of Michigan.

🔍 Research Focus:

Dr. Courtney’s research has focused on a variety of topics in neonatology, including respiratory physiology, ventilatory support strategies, and the use of nitric oxide in neonatal respiratory failure.

🏆 Honors & Awards:

Throughout her career, Dr. Courtney has received several honors and awards, including the Henry Christian Award for Excellence in Research from the American Federation for Clinical Research and the Research Award from the American Association for Respiratory Care.

Professional Experience: 💼

Dr. Courtney has held various academic and clinical positions, including Director of Newborn Medicine at Children’s Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, and Director of Clinical Research at Cooper Hospital/UMC in Camden, New Jersey.

📚 Top Noted Publications :

The Diaphragmatic Initiated Ventilatory Assist (DIVA) trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial comparing rates of extubation failure in extremely premature infants undergoing extubation to non-invasive neurally adjusted ventilatory assist versus non-synchronized nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation

Authors: Matlock, D.N., Ratcliffe, S.J., Courtney, S.E., Demissie, E., Foglia, E.E.

Year: 2024

Journal: Trials


Tidal volume delivery during nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation: infant cannula vs. nasal continuous positive airway pressure prongs

Authors: Lynch, A.L., Matlock, D.N., Akmyradov, C., Sinderby, C., Courtney, S.E.

Year: 2024

Journal: Journal of Perinatology

Citation: 1 citation


The effect of bethanechol on tracheobronchomalacia in preterm infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia: a retrospective cohort study

Authors: Pugh, C.P., Akmyradov, C., Courtney, S.E., Chandler, A., Matlock, D.N.

Year: 2024

Journal: Journal of Perinatology


Urine biomarkers of acute kidney injury and association with brain MRI abnormalities in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Authors: Turner, M.J., Rumpel, J.A., Spray, B.J., Courtney, S., Gist, K.

Year: 2024

Journal: Journal of Perinatology


Renal oximetry for early acute kidney injury detection in neonates with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy receiving therapeutic hypothermia

Authors: Rumpel, J.A., Spray, B.J., Frymoyer, A., Courtney, S.E., Chock, V.Y.

Year: 2023

Journal: Pediatric Nephrology

Citation: 3 citations


Author Metrics 📊 : 

Dr. Courtney’s publications have been well-received, with her work being cited in various scientific publications, contributing significantly to the field of neonatology.

📅 Research Timeline:

Dr. Courtney’s research journey includes positions at institutions such as Cooper Hospital/UMC, Stony Brook University Medical Center, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where she has made significant contributions to neonatology research and education.

Dr Sherry Courtney | Neonatology | Best Researcher Award |

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