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Dr Stefano Fabbri | Sedimentology  Paleoseismology| Best Researcher Award .

Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern,Switzerland

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👨‍🎓 Bio Summary:

Dr. Stefano Claudio Fabbri is a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Bern, Switzerland, specializing in geophysics and climate change research. He holds a joint Master’s degree in Applied Geophysics from ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University, and TU Delft. Dr. Fabbri completed his Doctoral studies at the University of Bern, focusing on Quaternary and Paleoclimatology. He is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at the University of Bern, Institute of Marketing and Management.

🎓 Education:

 Dr. Fabbri holds a joint Master’s degree in Applied Geophysics and a Doctoral degree in Quaternary and Paleoclimatology from the University of Bern. He is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at the University of Bern.

🔍 Research Focus:

His research focuses on investigating sedimentological archives and seismic data related to strong earthquakes, vertical coastal movements, and tsunamis in the West Indies. Dr. Fabbri has been actively involved in acquiring, processing, and evaluating seismic and bathymetric data, as well as supervising PhD, Master, and Bachelor theses. He has led international research campaigns and developed algorithms for autonomous lineament interpretation. Dr. Fabbri has also established a laboratory for microplastics investigation in lake sediments.

🏆 Honors & Awards:

Throughout his career, Dr. Fabbri has received several honors and awards for his contributions to geophysics and climate change research. He has been a convener at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and has organized the annual Berner Triathlon. Dr. Fabbri has served on the Finance Committee of the Faculty of Philology – Natural Sciences and has been a member of the evaluation committees for doctorates and habilitations at the University of Bern

Professional Experience: 💼

Dr. Fabbri has extensive experience in research and academia, including lecturing, acquisition and processing of seismic and bathymetric data, supervision of students, and organization of international research campaigns.

📚 Top Noted Publications :

Propagation of frontally confined subaqueous landslides: Insights from combining geophysical, sedimentological, and geotechnical analysis Authors: M Sammartini, J Moernaut, A Kopf, S Stegmann, SC Fabbri, FS Anselmetti, … Journal: Sedimentary Geology, Volume 416, 2021

Active subaquatic fault segments in Lake Iznik along the middle strand of the North Anatolian Fault, NW Turkey Authors: R Gastineau, J De Sigoyer, P Sabatier, SC Fabbri, FS Anselmetti, … Journal: Tectonics, Volume 40 (1), 2021

A subaquatic moraine complex in overdeepened Lake Thun (Switzerland) unravelling the deglaciation history of the Aare Glacier Authors: SC Fabbri, MW Buechi, H Horstmeyer, M Hilbe, C Hübscher, … Journal: Quaternary Science Reviews, Volume 187, 2018

A tsunamigenic delta collapse and its associated tsunami deposits in and around Lake Sils, Switzerland Authors: V Nigg, S Wohlwend, M Hilbe, B Bellwald, SC Fabbri, GF de Souza, … Journal: Natural Hazards, Volume 107 (2), 2021

A 4,000 year debris-flow record based on amphibious investigations of fan delta activity in Plansee (Austria, Eastern Alps) Authors: C Kiefer, P Oswald, J Moernaut, SC Fabbri, C Mayr, M Strasser, … Journal: Earth Surface Dynamics Discussions, 2021

Combining amphibious geomorphology with subsurface geophysical and geological data: A neotectonic study at the front of the Alps (Bernese Alps, Switzerland) Authors: SC Fabbri, M Herwegh, H Horstmeyer, M Hilbe, C Hübscher, K Merz, … Journal: Quaternary International, Volume 451, 2017

Author Metrics 📊 : 

Dr. Fabbri’s author metrics reflect his dedication to scholarly work, with a strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python and R, and software tools like ArcGIS and QGIS.

📅 Research Timeline:

Dr. Fabbri’s research and professional experiences have shaped him into a respected figure in the field of geophysics and climate change research.

Dr Stefano Fabbri | Sedimentology Paleoseismology | Best Researcher Award |

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