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Mr. Suthahar P ,Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology, India : Web Development, Best Research Article Award

Article Title:

Design and analysis of bicycle frame by using metal matrix composites

The bicycle frame is central part of system to support and locating other components of bicycle parts such as chain drive system, steering system, handling system, paddle assembly and seat. For a good performance of bicycle, it has various condition like stability, ride quality, ergonomics provide to the rider. Hence design and fabricating the frame by using Aluminium matrix composites. The manufacturing method used in fabrication of bicycle frame is stir casting where Aluminium as matrix And 20% weight of SiC added as reinforcement in order to make the frame as less weight without affecting load bearing properties and also increase the speed of the cycle by decreasing the driver effort and to increase its strength, wear resistance and impact resistance.

🌟 Introduction:

Suthahar P, an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with over 14 years of experience as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology at Sri Sairam Institute of Technology. He was  deeply passionate about education, technology, and empowering students for personal and professional success.

Professional Profiles:



🎓 Educational Journey:

Suthahar P embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Anna University, where he honed his foundational skills and laid the groundwork for my career in technology (2004-2007). Eager to deepen my understanding, He pursued a Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering at M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering, solidifying my expertise and staying abreast of the latest developments in the field (2012-2014). These educational milestones have been crucial in shaping my perspective and equipping me with the knowledge necessary to excel in my roles as an Assistant Professor, Digital Ambassador, and Senior Corporate Trainer. The fusion of theoretical insights and practical applications continues to fuel my passion for fostering innovation and guiding the next generation of tech enthusiasts. 🌐

💡 Expertise:

Suthahar P expertise spans a wide range of areas, including Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Web Development. I hold certifications in Machine Learning with Python, IBM Blockchain Essentials, and more, showcasing my commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

🏆 Achievements:

Throughout His career, I’ve been honored with awards such as the Best RRC Office Award and the prestigious Kuruthi Kodayalar Virudhu. He’ve actively participated in and received recognition in various hackathons, demonstrating my practical skills in real-world scenarios.

👨‍💼 Roles and Responsibilities:

Suthahar P current roles as an Assistant Professor and Digital Ambassador,He’ve been actively involved in designing educational activities, supporting online initiatives, and coordinating social media efforts. Additionally, his position as a Senior Corporate Trainer at Arvindaxion has allowed me to contribute to the professional growth of individuals and companies.

🚀 Passion for Technology:

Suthahar P  deeply interested in full-stack web development and serve as a technical mentor for hackathons. He commitment to learning and sharing knowledge is evident in his role as a Certified Trainer for various programs, including Salesforce Business Administration and CCNA.

🤝 Community Engagement:

As an active life member of professional bodies like CSI, ISTE, IEI, and IEEE,He’ve contributed to the community through lectures, workshops, and faculty development programs. His involvement as a mentor in national-level events reflects my commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation.

📚 Top Noted Publications and Academic Contributions:

“Enhancing Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Review”

Year of Publish: 2018

Index: IEEE Xplore

Citations: 25


“Innovations in Web Development Education: A Case Study”

Year of Publish: 2016

Index: ACM Digital Library

Citations: 15


“Cybersecurity Trends in the Digital Age”

Year of Publish: 2020

Index: ResearchGate

Citations: 30


In conclusion, His journey as an educator, mentor, and technology enthusiast has been fulfilling and rewarding. He remain committed to driving positive change in the educational landscape and contributing to the growth of individuals and the community.

Mr Suthahar P | Web Development | Best Research Article Award |

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