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Prof Dr Xiuqing Yang : Leading Researcher in Geology

Chang‘an Univeristy, China

🎉 Congratulations, Prof. Dr. Xiuqing Yang! 🏆

🌟 Your dedication to advancing Earth Science has not only earned you this prestigious honor but has also significantly enriched our understanding of the planet’s geological intricacies. Here’s to continued success and groundbreaking discoveries! 🚀

👩‍🎓 Prof. Dr. Xiuqing Yang earned her Ph.D. in [Geology] from [Peking University] in [2013-2016]. She currently serves as a distinguished professor at [Chang’an University, Xi’an, China], contributing significantly to [Earth and Planetary Sciences]. 🌟 Her illustrious career is marked by a multitude of achievements, including [Best researcher award]. As an esteemed academic, she has authored [10] research papers and [5] books, showcasing her profound expertise in [Redox Chemistry of Paleo-ocean].

Professional Profiles:



🎓 Education:

Ph.D., Geology – Peking University, 2013-2016

MSc, Geology – China University of Geosciences (Beijing), 2010-2013

BSc, Geology – Northwest University, 2006-2010

🌋 Areas of Expertise:

Banded Iron Formations (BIF) in China

Redox Chemistry of Paleo-ocean

🏆 Achievements:

Confirmed Mesoproterozoic and Phanerozoic iron formations.

Proposed Ediacaran non-glacial iron formation alongside Neoproterozoic iron formations related to Snowball Earth glaciations.

Established the connection between redox-stratified oceans and iron formations post 1.8 Ga.

🌐 Research Projects:

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Genetic mechanism of mid-Proterozoic Kawa banded iron formations, North Qilian.

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on depositional environment of Proterozoic Jingtieshan banded iron formations, North Qilian.

Basic research program of natural science of Shaanxi province: Origin and depositional environment of Xuanlong-type iron deposits in North China Craton.

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Origin of the ore-forming material and depositional environment of the Shikebutai iron deposit, Western Tianshan.

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Formation mechanism of Jingtieshan siderite-hematite iron formations, North Qilian.

📚 Major Publications:

Genesis and depositional environment of the Carboniferous Baishanquan iron deposit… (Lithos 456–457, 2023)

The deposition and significance of an Ediacaran non-glacial iron formation… (Geobiology, 2023)

Ediacaran Kawa iron formations in North Qilian Orogenic Belt… (Precambrian Research 368, 2022)

Episodic ferruginous conditions associated with submarine volcanism… (Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 292, 2021)

The origin of early-Paleozoic banded iron formations in NW China… (Gondwana Research 93, 2021)

👏 In Recognition of Exceptional Achievements:

🔬 Outstanding Contribution:

Your groundbreaking research in the field of Earth Science, particularly in unraveling the mysteries of iron formations and ancient oceans, has set a new standard for excellence.

🏅 Pinnacle of Academia:

Your dedication to advancing knowledge, coupled with a relentless pursuit of scientific inquiry, has rightfully earned you the prestigious title of Best Researcher.


In conclusion, Professor Xiuqing Yang’s extensive research and academic contributions have significantly advanced our comprehension of Earth’s geological evolution. His multidisciplinary approach, spanning from fieldwork to cutting-edge geochemistry, has enriched the scientific community’s understanding of ancient environments. We look forward to further insights from his ongoing and future research endeavors. 🌐📊

🌍 As you continue to explore uncharted territories, we eagerly anticipate the profound impact your research will have on shaping our understanding of Earth’s geological tapestry. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! 🚀🌟

Prof Dr Xiuqing Yang | Geology

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