Dr Stefano Furlani | Physical Geography

Dr Stefano Furlani : Leading Researcher in Physical Geography

UniversitΓ  di Trieste, Italy

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to Dr. Stefano Furlani! πŸ†

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Stefano Furlani for being recognized as the Best Researcher! 🌟 Your dedication, passion, and outstanding contributions to the field of geomorphology have truly set you apart. 🌐 Your impressive research indexes, numerous publications, and leadership in projects such as GEOSWIM and SEA-LAND highlight your exceptional commitment to advancing knowledge.

Dr. Stefano Furlani, an accomplished researcher and Associate Professor at the University of Trieste, is a trailblazer in the field of geomorphology. 🏞️ Graduating with a High School diploma in 1993, he embarked on a remarkable academic journey, earning an MSc in Geological Sciences in 1999 and a PhD in Geomatics and GIS in 2008.

🌊 Dr. Furlani’s expertise extends to diverse topics, including karst processes, coastal evolution, and underwater geomorphic surveys. His innovative contributions include the development of the TMEM (traversing micro erosion meter) and leadership in the GEOSWIM project, a 23,000 km geomorphological swimming survey along the Mediterranean coastline.

Professional Profiles:

πŸ“š Education and Training:

1993: High school diploma at the Scientific High School “G. Oberdan” Trieste.

1998-1999: MSc in Geological Sciences, University of Trieste, with a thesis on the Baseleghe tidal inlet.

2008: PhD in Geomatics and GIS from the University of Trieste, with a thesis on karst dissolution and geological conditioning.

Post-doc: University of Trieste (2008-2010) – “Studies on the extent of corrosion of carbonate rocks.”

Post-doc: University of Padua (2010-2010) – “Analysis of geological and geomorphological factors conditioning military operations and environmental consequences of war actions.”

🌐 Employment and Research Experiences:

Associate Professor: Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste, since November 2017.

Permanent Researcher: University of Trieste, disciplinary sector GEO04 – Physical Geography and Geomorphology, since October 2012.

Researcher: University of Trieste, Temporary Position (May 2012 – September 2012).

πŸ“Š Research Indexes (Scopus):

Documents: 85

Citations: 2273

H-index: 26

πŸ” Research Activities:

Prof. Furlani has contributed significantly to the field of geomorphology, focusing on various topics such as karst processes, coastal evolution, and underwater geomorphic surveys. His noteworthy contributions include the development of the TMEM (traversing micro erosion meter) and leading the GEOSWIM project, a 23,000 km geomorphological swimming survey along the Mediterranean coastline.

πŸ† Projects and Awards:

PI of the Prin Project β€œSEA-LAND” 2023-2025.

PI of the β€œProgetto Cultura: Grotte e archeologia, FVG Region.

Invited Speaker: 4th Coastal & Maritime Mediterranean Conference CM2 (2017, Split, Croatia).

Awards: Bronze medal of the Trieste Municipality for the Scientific and sport activity within the Geoswim programme.

πŸ“° Scientific Papers, Books, etc:

Furlani S., Antonioli F., Colica E., D’Amico S., Devoto S., Grego P., Gambin T. (2023). Sea caves and other landforms of the coastal scenery on Gozo island (Malta): inventory and new data on their formation. Geosciences, 13, 164, 1-21.

Furlani S., Bolla A., Hastewell L., Mantovani M., Devoto S. (2022). Integrated Geomechanical and Digital Photogrammetric Survey in the Study of Slope Instability Processes of a Flysch Sea Cliff (Debeli Rtič Promontory, Slovenia). Land, 11, 2255.

Furlani S., Antonioli F. (2023). The swim-survey archive of the Mediterranean rocky coasts: potentials and future perspectives. Geomorphology, 421, 108529.

Furlani, S., Musumeci, D. (2022). Sea surface: a physical and metaphorical border. Rendiconti online, 57, 25-32.

Korbar T., Navratil D., Demaniel C., Kordić B., Vilibić I., Biolchi S., Furlani S. (2022). Coarse-Clast Storm Deposit and Solitary Boulders on the Island of Mana (NP Kornati, Central Adriatic, Croatia). Geosciences, doi: 10.3390/geosciences12100355.

Bernardini F., Vinci G., Macovaz V., Baucon A., De Min A. Furlani S., Smolić S. (2022). Prehistoric stone disks from entrances and cemeteries of north-eastern Adriatic hillforts. Documenta Praehistorica,49, 2-1

🌐 Conference Organization and Participation:

Prof. Furlani has been actively involved in organizing and participating in international conferences, workshops, and scientific meetings on topics ranging from new technologies in coastal research to explosive eruptions and the Mediterranean civilizations.


In conclusion, Dr. Stefano Furlani’s journey in the realm of geomorphology is nothing short of extraordinary. 🌍 From his early academic achievements to his groundbreaking research and leadership in various projects, he has left an indelible mark on the scientific community. πŸ† His commitment to exploring karst processes, coastal evolution, and underwater geomorphic surveys has advanced our understanding of the natural world.

As an Associate Professor and Permanent Researcher at the University of Trieste, Dr. Furlani continues to inspire with his dedication to education and research. πŸ“š The accolades and awards, including the Bronze medal from the Trieste Municipality, underscore not only his academic prowess but also his broader impact on society. πŸ₯‰

Assoc Prof Dr ZHUO ZHANG | Sustainability development

Assoc Prof Dr ZHUO ZHANG : Leading Researcher in Sustainability development

Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau

πŸŒŸπŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ Congratulations to Associate Professor Dr. Zhuo Zhang! πŸŽ‰

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Assoc Prof Dr. Zhuo Zhang on receiving the prestigious Best Researcher Award! πŸ† Your dedication to advancing knowledge in the fields of Green Innovation, ESG, Human Resources Capital, Risk Assessment & Control, and Sustainability Development has truly set you apart. πŸ“š Your impactful contributions, exemplified by your outstanding journal papers and major conference presentations, reflect the depth of your expertise and commitment to excellence. This recognition is a testament to the significant impact your research has made in academia.

Distinguished educator and researcher in the School of Business, Assoc Prof Dr. Zhuo Zhang stands as a beacon of excellence in academia. 🌟 With a Ph.D. from Macau University of Science & Technology and a Master’s from the University of Wisconsin, his academic journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge. πŸ“š Specializing in Accounting and Finance, Dr. Zhang’s teaching portfolio includes courses in Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, and Financial Statement Analysis. πŸŽ“ His research interests span Green Innovation, ESG, Human Resources Capital, Risk Assessment & Control, and Sustainability Development.

Professional Profiles:

πŸ“š Dept/Fields:

Department of Accounting & Finance / Accounting

πŸŽ“ Academic Qualification:

Ph.D.: Macau University of Science & Technology, Mgt, Accounting, Macau S.A.R

Master: University of Wisconsin, Accounting, U.S.A

BS/BA: South-Central University for Nationalities, China

πŸ“– Teaching Activities:

Intermediate Accounting

Advanced Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting & Report (FAR)

Financial Statement Analysis, etc.

πŸ” Research Interest:

Green Innovation


Human Resources Capital

Risk Assessment & Control

Sustainability Development, etc.

πŸ“„ Selected Journal Papers:

Exploring the impact of natural Resource utilization on human capital development: A sustainable development perspective.” (Resources Policy, Vol 87, 2023)

How can green credit policies empower enterprises to green innovation.” (Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol 06, 2023)

Study on the Cost Control of Chemical Enterprises under the Background of Dualcarbon Technology Renovation Projects.” (Construction Economy, Vol 43 S1, 2022)

The Heterogeneity of Top Management Team and Digital Business Model Innovation.” (Technical Economy, Vol 41, 2022)

Linking Empowering Leadership to Employee Innovation: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement.” (Social Behavior and Personality, Vol 48(10), 2020)

Collaboration and Financing of Social Enterprise Moral Supply Chain Based on Block Chain.” (Review of Industrial Economics, Vol 38, 2020)

Self-efficacy and Work performance: The role of work engagement.” (Social Behavior and Personality, Vol 47(12), 2019)

Financial Model based on Principle Component Analysis and Support Vector Nachine.” (Internal Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, Vol 13, 2019)

πŸ“ Other Professional Activities:

2012 Macau Accountant Manpower Survey (Principal Investigator)

US CPA (ID: GU1929-2013), AICPA Regular Member (ID: 6607731)

Certificate of Chartered Global Management Accountant (No.110042094)

Certificate of China Professional Accountant

2011/2012 University Teaching Excellent Award (M.U.S.T)

2009 FedEx Excellent Contribution Award for APAC Program

πŸ”— Professional Memberships:

US CPA (ID: GU1929-2013), AICPA Regular Member (ID: 6607731)

Certificate of Chartered Global Management Accountant (No.110042094)

Certificate of China Professional Accountant

πŸ† Awards:

2011/2012 University Teaching Excellent Award (M.U.S.T)

2009 FedEx Excellent Contribution Award for APAC Program

πŸ“Š Major Conference Papers:

Analysis of Influence Factors on Corporate Financial Strategy: A case study of a Public Energy Company.” (Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, Vol 56(10), 2018)

A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Accounting Students’ Exam Usage on Their Exam Performance.” (American Accounting Association (AAA) Annual Meeting, 2018)

Empirical Study of Accounting Curriculum Settlement Influence on Professional Ethics Judgment.” (American Accounting Association (AAA)-SouthWest (SWAAA) Conference, 2018)


Associate Professor Dr. Zhuo Zhang, your journey in academia has been nothing short of extraordinary. Your achievements, marked by significant contributions to research and education, showcase a commitment to excellence that inspires us all.

πŸ† The numerous accolades, including the well-deserved Best Researcher Award, underscore the impact of your work on the academic landscape. Your dedication to Green Innovation, ESG, Human Resources Capital, and more has elevated not only your profile but also the entire academic community.

πŸ“š As you continue to lead in the realms of knowledge and inquiry, your influence extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Your research has not only enriched the minds of your students but has also shaped the discourse in your fields of expertise.

Prof Yali Feng | Environmental Science

Prof Yali Feng : Leading Researcher in Environmental Science

University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

🌟 Congratulations to Prof. Yali Feng on Receiving the Best Researcher Award! πŸ†

🌈 Prof. Yali Feng, your achievement is not just an award; it is a celebration of your passion, intellect, and the mark you’ve left on the world of research. πŸŽ“ May this honor be a stepping stone to even greater heights in your future endeavors.πŸ‘©β€πŸ« As a leader in your field, your contributions have not only elevated our institution but have also made a lasting impact on the global academic landscape. 🌍 Your leadership, mentorship, and visionary approach to research have set a shining example for aspiring researchers.

Prof. Yali Feng is a distinguished academic and researcher in the field of [Environmental Science]. With a profound passion for [Environmental governance for deep-sea mining], she has dedicated her career to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of [Vehicle Engineering].

Professional Profiles:


πŸŽ“ Education:

Graduated from China University of Technology in 1990, majoring in mining machinery andbusiness management.

In 1995, he participated in the “Dayang 1” scientific research vessel.

In 1998, he studied deep-sea resource development and utilisation at the International OceanInstitute.

In January 2008, he was awarded the PhD degree in Vehicle Engineering at the University of Science and Technology Beijing.

In 2009, he was selected by the Ministry of Education as one of the “NewCenturyOutstanding Talents Support Programme”.

πŸ“š Research Contributions:

As a prolific researcher, Prof. Feng has significantly contributed to the scholarly community through her groundbreaking work in [mineral microbiological science and technology]. Her innovative projects, such as [national long-term development projects in the international seabed “region], have earned her recognition for advancing the forefront of [Environmental Science].

πŸ† Achievements:

Prof. Feng’s exceptional contributions have not gone unnoticed. She has been honored with numerous awards, including [Best Researcher Award ], affirming her status as a trailblazer in her field.

🌍 Global Impact:

Beyond the confines of her academic work, Prof. Feng is committed to making a positive impact on a global scale. Whether through collaborations, conferences, or outreach programs, she strives to foster international cooperation and understanding in [mineral microbiological science and technology].

πŸ“ Publications:

Adsorption of metal ions by oceanic manganese nodule and deep-sea sediment: Behaviour, mechanism and evaluation

Science of the Total Environment.,Β 2024, 908, 168163

Reuse of waste acid from titanium dioxide industry: Efficient synthesis and functional exploration of titanium phosphate

Chemical Physics Letters.,Β 2023, 833, 140938

A comprehensive review on progresses of coal and minerals bioflotation in presence of microorganisms

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering,Β 2023, 11(6), 111182

Mechanism of Deep-Sea Microbial-Mediated Synergistic Synthesis of Ferromanganese Oxidation Products Process for Heavy Metal Ion Adsorption

JOM.,Β 2023, 75(12), pp. 5405–5419

An efficient and clean method for the selective extraction and recovery of manganese from pyrolusite using ammonium sulfate roasting-water leaching and carbonate precipitation

Minerals Engineering., 2023, 203, 108356

🌟 Legacy and Inspiration:

Prof. Yali Feng’s legacy is not only marked by her achievements but also by the countless individuals she has inspired and influenced. As a beacon of knowledge and innovation, she continues to shape the landscape of [Environmental Science] for generations to come.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Inspiration and Leadership:

In the role of mentor and leader, Prof. Feng has not only excelled but has also inspired those around her to reach for new heights. Her impact goes beyond the confines of research papers, extending into the hearts and minds of students and colleagues who have been fortunate to share in her wisdom and guidance. πŸ‘

🌟 Looking to the Future:

As we celebrate the accomplishments of Prof. Yali Feng, we eagerly anticipate the next chapters in her journey. With a visionary outlook and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have no doubt that the future holds even greater achievements and milestones.


In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Yali Feng on a career marked by excellence, innovation, and an enduring passion for knowledge. May the brilliance of your contributions continue to illuminate the path for future generations of scholars and researchers. πŸ†πŸŒŸ

Prof madjid abbaspour |Marine

Prof madjid abbaspour : Leading Researcher in Marine

Sharif University Of Technology, Iran

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations Prof. Madjid Abbaspour! πŸ†

Prof madjid abbaspour outstanding dedication to research has not only earned you the prestigious title of Best Researcher but also solidified your position as a trailblazer in academia. πŸš€ Your relentless pursuit of knowledge and groundbreaking contributions in [Specify Professor’s Field of Research] have left an indelible mark on the academic landscape.

πŸ‘ Here’s to celebrating your success and looking forward to the even greater heights your future endeavors will reach. Congratulations once again on this remarkable achievement, Prof. Madjid Abbaspour! πŸŽ“πŸ”¬

πŸ“œ Biography:

Prof. Madjid Abbaspour, a distinguished academician, currently serves as a beacon of knowledge at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. With a profound dedication to education and research, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape.

Professional Profiles:




πŸ” Career Highlights:

Institution: Sharif University of Technology πŸ›οΈ

Contributions: Renowned for contributions in [Environmental Engineering, Cornell universityΒ  ]

Leadership: [Iran Energy Economic Association]

🌍 International Impact:

Prof. Abbaspour’s influence extends beyond borders, contributing significantly to the global academic community. His collaborative efforts have fostered international partnerships and research endeavors.

🀝 Collaborations and Partnerships:

His collaborative spirit has led to meaningful partnerships with fellow researchers, institutions, and industry leaders, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge exchange.

πŸŽ“ Inspiring the Next Generation:

Perhaps his most enduring impact lies in the countless students he has mentored. Prof. Abbaspour’s guidance has shaped the minds of future leaders, instilling in them a passion for learning, critical thinking, and the pursuit of excellence.

πŸ“Œ Current Focus:

Continuing his journey in academia, Prof. Abbaspour remains dedicated to inspiring future generations, conducting groundbreaking research, and shaping the intellectual landscape.


πŸ™Œ We celebrate Prof. Madjid Abbaspour for his remarkable contributions and look forward to the continued brilliance he will undoubtedly bring to the world of education and research. Cheers to a career filled with achievements and the ongoing pursuit of excellence! πŸš€πŸ“–.

In conclusion, Prof. Madjid Abbaspour stands as a beacon of excellence in the academic realm. His illustrious career at [Sharif University Of Technology, Iran] and impactful contributions to [Engineering / Marine] have left an indelible mark on the landscape of education and research.

Dr Γ–zlem Erol |Natural Products

Dr Γ–zlem Erol : Leading Researcher in Natural Products

Institute for Biology, University Leiden, Netherlands

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, Dr. Γ–zlem Erol! πŸ†

Your exceptional dedication and groundbreaking research have earned you the prestigious Best Researcher Award. 🌟 Your tireless pursuit of knowledge and commitment to excellence inspire us all. πŸ™Œ Wishing you continued success in your impactful contributions to the field! πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬πŸ”¬ #ResearchExcellence #CongratulationsDrErol

🌟 Introducing Dr. Γ–zlem Erol: A Visionary in [Chemistry] 🌐

Meet the brilliant mind behind groundbreaking contributions to [Natural Products]. Dr. Γ–zlem Erol stands as a beacon of innovation, a dedicated researcher, and a true trailblazer in [Metabolomic]. With a passion for [natural product chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences], Dr. Erol has consistently demonstrated excellence and leadership. Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and intellect, making her a respected figure among peers and an inspiration to aspiring researchers worldwide.

Professional Profiles:



πŸŽ“ Education and Academic Achievements πŸŽ“:

Embarking on my academic journey in Bonn, I earned a Master’s in Biology with a specialization in Molecular Biology. For my thesis, I explored the “Identification of NRPS/PKS in Marine Bacteria.” Subsequently, I attained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology at the University of Bonn, focusing on the “Identification of the Biosynthetic Gene Cluster of Corallopyronin A” under the guidance of Professor KΓΆnig.

Transitioning to the Netherlands, I joined TU Delft as a Postdoctoral Researcher, contributing to a project sponsored by AKZO Nobel aimed at discovering “New Halogenases from Metagenomic Samples for Application in Plastic Production.” Later, at the University of Leiden, my research shifted to analyzing natural compounds from plants, focusing on characterizing secondary metabolites from tulips.

Since 2020, I’ve been a Senior Researcher at the Natural Product Lab, engaging in diverse projects such as “Unlocking the Therapeutic and Commercial Potential of Ireland’s Historic Boglands.” My journey is marked by an unwavering passion for uncovering Nature’s extraordinary gifts.

πŸ”¬ Research, Innovations, and Extension Activities πŸ”¬:

My contributions to Research & Development (R&D), Innovations, and Extension Activities have significantly advanced analytical techniques in natural product chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences. Leveraging cutting-edge instruments like HPTLC, LCMS, NMR, HPLC, and GCMS, I’ve enhanced precision in chemical analyses.


Through innovative approaches, my work has enriched drug discovery, quality control, and the isolation of bioactive molecules from natural sources. I’ve completed 5 research projects, with 4 ongoing, and my citation index in Scopus/Web of Science stands at 5. I’ve published in SCI and SCIE-indexed journals, with ongoing projects and collaboration in 8 countries.

Extension Activities:

In extension activities, I’ve shared expertise through training, guiding fellow researchers, and disseminating knowledge about advanced analytical tools. With a rich academic background and a commitment to excellence, I’ve contributed significantly to the scientific community, fostering innovation and sustainable practices. πŸŒ±πŸ”

Citation Index:

5 in Scopus/Web of Science or PubMed/Indian Citation Index.

Awards and Recognition:

Best Researcher Award Winner 2023

πŸŽ“ A Legacy of Excellence: Dr. Γ–zlem Erol’s Impact 🌍

As we celebrate the illustrious career of Dr. Γ–zlem Erol, we witness a legacy forged through unwavering dedication and intellectual prowess. Her contributions have not only advanced the frontiers of knowledge in [her field] but have also inspired a new generation of researchers to dream big and reach for the stars. Dr. Erol’s impact is felt far beyond the pages of research papers; it resonates in the hearts and minds of those who recognize the transformative power of passion and hard work. As we applaud her accomplishments, we eagerly anticipate the continued brilliance that Dr. Γ–zlem Erol will undoubtedly bring to the world of [her field]. πŸŒˆπŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ #ResearchExcellence #DrOzlemErol


Prof Dr Xiuqing Yang | Geology

Prof Dr Xiuqing Yang : Leading Researcher in Geology

Changβ€˜an Univeristy, China

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, Prof. Dr. Xiuqing Yang! πŸ†

🌟 Your dedication to advancing Earth Science has not only earned you this prestigious honor but has also significantly enriched our understanding of the planet’s geological intricacies. Here’s to continued success and groundbreaking discoveries! πŸš€

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Prof. Dr. Xiuqing Yang earned her Ph.D. in [Geology] from [Peking University] in [2013-2016]. She currently serves as a distinguished professor at [Chang’an University, Xi’an, China], contributing significantly to [Earth and Planetary Sciences]. 🌟 Her illustrious career is marked by a multitude of achievements, including [Best researcher award]. As an esteemed academic, she has authored [10] research papers and [5] books, showcasing her profound expertise in [Redox Chemistry of Paleo-ocean].

Professional Profiles:



πŸŽ“ Education:

Ph.D., Geology – Peking University, 2013-2016

MSc, Geology – China University of Geosciences (Beijing), 2010-2013

BSc, Geology – Northwest University, 2006-2010

πŸŒ‹ Areas of Expertise:

Banded Iron Formations (BIF) in China

Redox Chemistry of Paleo-ocean

πŸ† Achievements:

Confirmed Mesoproterozoic and Phanerozoic iron formations.

Proposed Ediacaran non-glacial iron formation alongside Neoproterozoic iron formations related to Snowball Earth glaciations.

Established the connection between redox-stratified oceans and iron formations post 1.8 Ga.

🌐 Research Projects:

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Genetic mechanism of mid-Proterozoic Kawa banded iron formations, North Qilian.

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on depositional environment of Proterozoic Jingtieshan banded iron formations, North Qilian.

Basic research program of natural science of Shaanxi province: Origin and depositional environment of Xuanlong-type iron deposits in North China Craton.

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Origin of the ore-forming material and depositional environment of the Shikebutai iron deposit, Western Tianshan.

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Formation mechanism of Jingtieshan siderite-hematite iron formations, North Qilian.

πŸ“š Major Publications:

Genesis and depositional environment of the Carboniferous Baishanquan iron deposit… (Lithos 456–457, 2023)

The deposition and significance of an Ediacaran non-glacial iron formation… (Geobiology, 2023)

Ediacaran Kawa iron formations in North Qilian Orogenic Belt… (Precambrian Research 368, 2022)

Episodic ferruginous conditions associated with submarine volcanism… (Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 292, 2021)

The origin of early-Paleozoic banded iron formations in NW China… (Gondwana Research 93, 2021)

πŸ‘ In Recognition of Exceptional Achievements:

πŸ”¬ Outstanding Contribution:

Your groundbreaking research in the field of Earth Science, particularly in unraveling the mysteries of iron formations and ancient oceans, has set a new standard for excellence.

πŸ… Pinnacle of Academia:

Your dedication to advancing knowledge, coupled with a relentless pursuit of scientific inquiry, has rightfully earned you the prestigious title of Best Researcher.


In conclusion, Professor Xiuqing Yang’s extensive research and academic contributions have significantly advanced our comprehension of Earth’s geological evolution. His multidisciplinary approach, spanning from fieldwork to cutting-edge geochemistry, has enriched the scientific community’s understanding of ancient environments. We look forward to further insights from his ongoing and future research endeavors. πŸŒπŸ“Š

🌍 As you continue to explore uncharted territories, we eagerly anticipate the profound impact your research will have on shaping our understanding of Earth’s geological tapestry. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! πŸš€πŸŒŸ

Dr MarΓ­a ConcepciΓ³n Otiz HernΓ‘ndez | Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr MarΓ­a ConcepciΓ³n Otiz HernΓ‘ndez : Leading Researcher in Earth and Planetary Sciences

El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, Mexico

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, Dr. MarΓ­a ConcepciΓ³n Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez! πŸ†

We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to you on receiving the prestigious Best Researcher Award! 🌟 Your outstanding contributions to the field of [Specify Research Area] have not only enriched our understanding but have also set a benchmark for excellence.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Nestled at the intersection of brilliance and dedication, Dr. MarΓ­a ConcepciΓ³n Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez emerges as a beacon in the realm of academic excellence. πŸš€ Her journey is one marked by an insatiable curiosity, a commitment to unraveling the mysteries of [Submarine groundwater], and a profound impact on the scientific landscape.

πŸ“š Armed with a Ph.D. in [Department of Sustainability Sciences] and an impressive academic pedigree, Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez’s intellectual prowess is matched only by her passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge. 🌈 As she navigates the intricate tapestry of [Earth and Planetary Sciences], each exploration adds a vibrant thread to the fabric of our understanding.

Professional Profiles:



πŸŽ“ Education:

Ph.D. in [Coastal Oceanography], [2006], [Autonomous University of Baja California] 🌐

M.Sc. in [Marine Ecology], [1990], [Center for Research and Advanced Studies] πŸ“š

B.Sc. in [Marine Biology], [1990], [Autonomous University of Baja California Sur] πŸŽ“

πŸ” Research Focus:

Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez stands as a luminary in the field of [Specify Research Area]. Her intellectual journey intertwines with a rich tapestry of exploration, marked by a commitment to uncovering the complexities of [Earth and Planetary Sciences]. πŸš€

🌿 Environmental Stewardship:

As an ardent advocate for sustainable practices, Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez’s research extends beyond traditional boundaries, weaving threads of environmental consciousness into the fabric of her work. Her studies aim not only to expand our scientific understanding but also to catalyze positive change in our relationship with the planet. 🌎

πŸ”¬ Advanced Methodologies:

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez employs advanced methodologies in her research endeavors. Whether through meticulous fieldwork, cutting-edge laboratory analyses, or innovative modeling techniques, she consistently pushes the boundaries of what we know. πŸ“Š

🌐 International Collaboration:

With a commitment to global scientific collaboration, Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez has actively engaged in international research initiatives. She has collaborated with researchers and institutions from [Mexico/El Colegio de la Frontera Sur], fostering a diverse and inclusive research environment.

πŸ“ˆ Key Achievements:

Published numerous research articles in renowned journals.

Received [Best researcher award winner].

Presented at prestigious conferences and symposiums, sharing insights and advancements in her field.

🌟 Vision:

Dr. MarΓ­a ConcepciΓ³n Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez envisions a future where scientific advancements and environmental stewardship go hand in hand, creating a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come.


🌿 Beyond the confines of the laboratory, Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez’s passion for environmental advocacy underscores a profound sense of responsibility toward our planet. 🌎 Her work not only advances scientific knowledge but also instills a sense of urgency for sustainable practices that will shape the future of our world. 🌟 As a mentor, educator, and influencer, Dr. Ortiz HernΓ‘ndez has inspired countless individuals to embrace the pursuit of knowledge and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. 🌈 The impact of her guidance extends, like ripples in water, shaping the trajectories of aspiring researchers and scientists.

Dr Mayas Ahmad Taha | Architecture

Dr Mayas Ahmad Taha : Leading Researcher in Architecture

AL-Yamamah University, Saudi Arabia

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, Dr. Mayas Ahmad Taha! 🌟

It is with immense pleasure and pride that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Mayas Ahmad Taha for being honored with the Women Researcher Award! πŸ† This prestigious recognition is a testament to her outstanding contributions and relentless dedication to the field of architecture, heritage conservation, and urban design.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Dr. Mayas Nadim Ahmad Taha

Dr. Mayas Nadim Ahmad Taha is an accomplished Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (COEA), specializing in architectural design, heritage conservation, and urban design. She earned her Ph.D. in architecture from the University of Damascus in 2017, focusing on the intersection of architectural and urban heritage preservation and development, with Damascus as a case study.

Professional Profiles:



πŸ›οΈ Academic Journey:

Her academic career commenced in 2009 at the University of Damascus, followed by positions at AL-Yarmouk Private University and AL-Etihad Private University. Dr. Mayas taught courses in architecture design, landscape and site planning, architectural conservation, and the history of architecture. She held administrative roles at Damascus University, supervised various projects, and organized workshops and activities.

🏒 Current Position:

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Architecture Department at Al-Yamamah University, Riyadh, KSA, Dr. Mayas continues to impart her knowledge and passion for architecture to future generations.

πŸ“š Research and Publications:

Dr. Mayas has authored numerous research papers and articles published in prestigious journals and conferences. Her publications cover a range of topics, including urban heritage conservation, urban design developments, and residential building developments.

πŸ“– Notable Publications:

An Overview of Factors Influencing Formation Transformations of Residential Building Facades in Riyadh” (Journal of Architecture and Planning, Dec 2023).

Branding heritage in multi-cultural societies, with special references to preservation discourses” (HBRC Journal, Nov 2023).

Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Armed Conflicts in the Arab World” (Conference proceeding, Jan 2022).

🌐 Contributions to Education:

While at Al-Yamamah University, Dr. Mayas taught architectural and urban design courses, actively contributing to the preservation and evolution of Riyadh’s architectural heritage.

🌱 Educational Impact:

Her commitment to education extends beyond traditional methods, as seen in her research on the advantages and disadvantages of online architecture teaching compared to traditional teaching.

πŸŽ“ Continuous Growth:

Dr. Mayas Ahmad Taha remains dedicated to her academic pursuits, balancing teaching, research, and contributions to the fields of architectural design, heritage conservation, and urban planning.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Trailblazing in Research:

Dr. Mayas’s exemplary work in the areas of architectural design, heritage preservation, and urban planning has not only enriched academic discourse but has also significantly impacted the broader community. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative thinking has set a high standard in the realm of research.


In conclusion, Dr. Mayas Ahmad Taha’s receipt of the Women Researcher Award is a celebration of her tireless efforts, passion, and scholarly achievements. Her work continues to leave an indelible mark on the academic landscape, and we look forward to witnessing the continued brilliance and innovation that she brings to the world of research.

Dr S M Rashidul Hasan | Naval Architecture

Dr S M Rashidul Hasan : Leading Researcher in Naval Architecture

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime Univeristy, Bangladesh

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to Dr. S. M. Rashidul Hasan! πŸŽ‰

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the field of naval architecture and maritime research, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. S. M. Rashidul Hasan. His unwavering commitment to excellence, particularly in energy-efficient ship design, has earned him the well-deserved accolade of Best Researcher. πŸ†

πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ Dr. S M Rashidul Hasan is a distinguished professional in the field of [Engineering]. With a passion for [Naval Architecture], he has dedicated his career to making impactful contributions. πŸŽ“ Dr. Hasan began his educational journey by earning a [Doctor of Philosophy] from [Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime Univeristy, Bangladesh]. His academic excellence laid the foundation for a successful career in [Master of Science in Naval Architecture].

πŸ† Best Researcher Award:

Dr. S. M. Rashidul Hasan for being honored with the Best Researcher Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of naval architecture and maritime research. His dedication to advancing knowledge in energy efficiency design and sustainable ship practices is commendable.

Professional Profiles:




πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Career Summary:

Assistant Professor at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University (Since May 2022)

Led teams in project management, overseeing 90-100 construction projects worth BDT 4500-6000 Crore

Experience in ship design, drydock operations, and marketing for ship projects

πŸŽ“ Educational Background:

Ph.D. in Naval Architecture, BUET, Bangladesh (Completed on 09 Jan 2021)

M.Sc. in Naval Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (Dec 2011)

B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh (June 2007)

πŸ“š Research & Publications:

πŸ“ Journal Papers:

Energy Efficiency Design Index Baselines for Ships of Bangladesh

Published on4th October,2022
Heliyon (Doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.heliyon.2022.e10996), Netherlands
SJR H Index 46 (Q1) and IF: 4

Reanalysis of the Revised EEDI Parameters for Inland Ships of Bangladesh

Published on21st September2022
Journal of Engineering for theMaritime Environment, (Doi:https://doi.org/10.1177/14750902221131418), United Kingdom
SJR H Index 36 (Q2) and IF: 1.516

Revised EEDI Parametersfor Inland Cargo Ships of Bangladesh

Published on:August 2019
Journal of Engineering for theMaritime Environment
(Volume: 234 issue: 1, page(s):89-99, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/1475090219863956), United Kingdom

SJR H Index 36 (Q2) and IF: 1.516 3/8

πŸ—žοΈ Conference Papers:

“Energy-efficient inland cargo ship design based on fuel consumption and CO2 emission control using CFD”

International Conference onMarine Technology (MARTEC)
December, 2022

“Reducing CO2 emission from Inland Cargo Ship of Bangladesh Based on Revised EEDI Parameters”

International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Protection
March 2020


πŸ› οΈ Skills & Training:

Competency Based Education Training (CBET)

Professional development in research and QS University Ranking

ISO 9001-2008 Training for Quality Management System

Engine Room Simulator and Full Mission Bridge Simulator workshops

🌐 Memberships:

Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA), UK

Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB)

Life Member, Association of Naval Architect & Marine Engineers, Bangladesh

πŸ’Ό Work Experience:

Naval Architect, Marine House Ltd.

Researcher, SSPA AB Sweden

Director, Ships & Naval Architects Ltd.

Executive Engineer, Chittagong Drydock Limited

Deputy Chief Engineer, Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd.

Assistant Professor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University

πŸ† Research Acknowledgment:

Dr. Hasan’s innovative research, including “Life Cycle Assessment of a Cargo Ship,” has significantly contributed to the maritime industry. His work reflects a commitment to excellence and sustainability.

In concluding reflections, Dr. S. M. Rashidul Hasan stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of naval architecture and maritime research. His journey, marked by a stellar academic background and a trail of impactful research, underscores a commitment to advancing the principles of sustainability and innovation in ship design.

Dr Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer | Agronomy

Dr Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer : Leading Researcher in Agronomy

Khawaja Freed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, Dr. Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer! 🌟

On behalf of the entire community, it is with great pleasure that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to you for being honored with the prestigious Young Scientist Award (2023 – Award and Honor). πŸ† Your dedication, hard work, and groundbreaking contributions in the field of Agronomy have truly set you apart as a rising star in the scientific community.

🌱 Dr Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer  journey, marked by academic excellence, impactful research, and a commitment to advancing knowledge, exemplifies the spirit of a true young scientist. The recognition is well-deserved and a testament to your unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of agricultural science.

Professional Profiles:




🏒 Professional Affiliation:

Assistant Professor (Agronomy), Department of Agricultural Engineering, Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

πŸŽ“ Education:

Ph.D. (Agronomy) – 2019, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (GPA: 3.66/4)

M.Sc.(Hons.)/M.Phil. (Agronomy) – 2015, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (GPA: 3.92/4)

B.Sc.(Hons.)/M.Sc. (Agriculture) – 2013, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur (GPA: 3.61/4)

🌍 Global Experience:

6-month Research Experience at Waite Research Institute, University of Adelaide, Australia.

πŸ’Ό Work Experience:

3 years as Manager Research & Development (R&D) in Chand Agro Chemicals Pakistan.

1 year as IPFP-Fellow at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology.

3 years as Assistant Professor at Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology.

πŸ“š Research Focus:

M.Sc. (Hons.) Agronomy: “Interactive effect of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and nitrogen on growth of wheat under drought.”

Ph.D. Agronomy: “Effect of PGPR and cytokinins on the growth and yield of wheat under drought.”

πŸ” Reviewer/Editor for Journals:

Journal of the Plant Growth Regulation

Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences

Frontiers in Agronomy

Frontiers in Microbiology

πŸ† Awards & Honors:

Best Young Researcher (2021 – Science Father Awarded)

Associate Fellow (AFHEA) UK – Recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework.

Best Researcher Award from Science Father.

πŸ… Achievements:

Awarded a Laptop from Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister fee reimbursement for M.Sc. (Hons.) Agronomy and Ph.D. Agronomy

International Research Support Initiative Program – HEC, for Ph.D. research in Australia

Awarded a 1 million PKR Research Project grant under the Start-up Research Grant Program (SRGP)

πŸ“š Dr. Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer’s Publications 🌐

“Interactive effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and nitrogen on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under drought”

Published in [Journal of Plant Growth Regulation]


“Impact of microbial inoculation on crop productivity and soil properties in dry regions”

Published in [Frontiers in Agronomy]


“Cytokinin-mediated enhancement of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) growth and yield under drought conditions”

Published in [Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences]


“Assessing the Role of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria in Improving Drought Tolerance in Wheat”

Published in [Frontiers in Microbiology]

πŸ’» Computer Skills:

Internet Browsing

Office Management

Coral Draw

Adobe Photoshop

Statistix 8.1

πŸ”— Additional Skills:

Flexible attitude and confidence

Convincing skills with a logical mind

Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

Strong analytical, critical thinking, organizational skills

Keen to use multidisciplinary knowledge to solve major scientific problems

Strong sense of professionalism and responsibility

Graphics Designing

Video Making


🌐 Dr. Muhammad Saqlain Zaheer’s journey is one of dedication, excellence, and a commitment to using his skills and knowledge to address real-world agricultural challenges. As he continues to make strides in research, mentorship, and academia, we look forward to witnessing the continued impact of his work on the global agricultural landscape.