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Dr Stefano Furlani : Leading Researcher in Physical Geography

Università di Trieste, Italy

🎉 Congratulations to Dr. Stefano Furlani! 🏆

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Stefano Furlani for being recognized as the Best Researcher! 🌟 Your dedication, passion, and outstanding contributions to the field of geomorphology have truly set you apart. 🌐 Your impressive research indexes, numerous publications, and leadership in projects such as GEOSWIM and SEA-LAND highlight your exceptional commitment to advancing knowledge.

Dr. Stefano Furlani, an accomplished researcher and Associate Professor at the University of Trieste, is a trailblazer in the field of geomorphology. 🏞️ Graduating with a High School diploma in 1993, he embarked on a remarkable academic journey, earning an MSc in Geological Sciences in 1999 and a PhD in Geomatics and GIS in 2008.

🌊 Dr. Furlani’s expertise extends to diverse topics, including karst processes, coastal evolution, and underwater geomorphic surveys. His innovative contributions include the development of the TMEM (traversing micro erosion meter) and leadership in the GEOSWIM project, a 23,000 km geomorphological swimming survey along the Mediterranean coastline.

Professional Profiles:

📚 Education and Training:

1993: High school diploma at the Scientific High School “G. Oberdan” Trieste.

1998-1999: MSc in Geological Sciences, University of Trieste, with a thesis on the Baseleghe tidal inlet.

2008: PhD in Geomatics and GIS from the University of Trieste, with a thesis on karst dissolution and geological conditioning.

Post-doc: University of Trieste (2008-2010) – “Studies on the extent of corrosion of carbonate rocks.”

Post-doc: University of Padua (2010-2010) – “Analysis of geological and geomorphological factors conditioning military operations and environmental consequences of war actions.”

🌐 Employment and Research Experiences:

Associate Professor: Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste, since November 2017.

Permanent Researcher: University of Trieste, disciplinary sector GEO04 – Physical Geography and Geomorphology, since October 2012.

Researcher: University of Trieste, Temporary Position (May 2012 – September 2012).

📊 Research Indexes (Scopus):

Documents: 85

Citations: 2273

H-index: 26

🔍 Research Activities:

Prof. Furlani has contributed significantly to the field of geomorphology, focusing on various topics such as karst processes, coastal evolution, and underwater geomorphic surveys. His noteworthy contributions include the development of the TMEM (traversing micro erosion meter) and leading the GEOSWIM project, a 23,000 km geomorphological swimming survey along the Mediterranean coastline.

🏆 Projects and Awards:

PI of the Prin Project “SEA-LAND” 2023-2025.

PI of the “Progetto Cultura: Grotte e archeologia, FVG Region.

Invited Speaker: 4th Coastal & Maritime Mediterranean Conference CM2 (2017, Split, Croatia).

Awards: Bronze medal of the Trieste Municipality for the Scientific and sport activity within the Geoswim programme.

📰 Scientific Papers, Books, etc:

Furlani S., Antonioli F., Colica E., D’Amico S., Devoto S., Grego P., Gambin T. (2023). Sea caves and other landforms of the coastal scenery on Gozo island (Malta): inventory and new data on their formation. Geosciences, 13, 164, 1-21.

Furlani S., Bolla A., Hastewell L., Mantovani M., Devoto S. (2022). Integrated Geomechanical and Digital Photogrammetric Survey in the Study of Slope Instability Processes of a Flysch Sea Cliff (Debeli Rtič Promontory, Slovenia). Land, 11, 2255.

Furlani S., Antonioli F. (2023). The swim-survey archive of the Mediterranean rocky coasts: potentials and future perspectives. Geomorphology, 421, 108529.

Furlani, S., Musumeci, D. (2022). Sea surface: a physical and metaphorical border. Rendiconti online, 57, 25-32.

Korbar T., Navratil D., Demaniel C., Kordić B., Vilibić I., Biolchi S., Furlani S. (2022). Coarse-Clast Storm Deposit and Solitary Boulders on the Island of Mana (NP Kornati, Central Adriatic, Croatia). Geosciences, doi: 10.3390/geosciences12100355.

Bernardini F., Vinci G., Macovaz V., Baucon A., De Min A. Furlani S., Smolić S. (2022). Prehistoric stone disks from entrances and cemeteries of north-eastern Adriatic hillforts. Documenta Praehistorica,49, 2-1

🌐 Conference Organization and Participation:

Prof. Furlani has been actively involved in organizing and participating in international conferences, workshops, and scientific meetings on topics ranging from new technologies in coastal research to explosive eruptions and the Mediterranean civilizations.


In conclusion, Dr. Stefano Furlani’s journey in the realm of geomorphology is nothing short of extraordinary. 🌍 From his early academic achievements to his groundbreaking research and leadership in various projects, he has left an indelible mark on the scientific community. 🏆 His commitment to exploring karst processes, coastal evolution, and underwater geomorphic surveys has advanced our understanding of the natural world.

As an Associate Professor and Permanent Researcher at the University of Trieste, Dr. Furlani continues to inspire with his dedication to education and research. 📚 The accolades and awards, including the Bronze medal from the Trieste Municipality, underscore not only his academic prowess but also his broader impact on society. 🥉

Dr Stefano Furlani | Physical Geography

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