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Ms. Huishu Chen | Chinese Garden | Young Scientist Award.

Tongji University,China

Professional Profiles:


👨‍🎓 Bio Summary:

Huishu Chen is a master’s degree student and research assistant at Tongji University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Specializing in architectural history and theory, she has made significant contributions to her field through her research and publications. Her work focuses on Chinese gardens, space syntax, sustainable architecture, and building retrofit.

🎓 Education:

Huishu is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, China. Her educational background has provided her with a strong foundation in architectural principles and advanced research techniques.

🔍 Research Focus:

Huishu’s research delves into the architectural history and theory, with a particular emphasis on Chinese gardens, space syntax in urban planning, sustainable architecture practices, and building retrofit strategies. Her aim is to integrate traditional architectural concepts with contemporary sustainability practices.

🏆 Honors & Awards:

Huishu has received recognition for her outstanding academic performance and research contributions, earning several accolades that highlight her as a promising researcher in the field of architecture.

Professional Experience: 💼

As a research assistant at Tongji University, Huishu has actively participated in various research projects, collaborating with esteemed professors and researchers. This role has enabled her to gain valuable practical experience and contribute to the advancement of architectural studies.

📚 Top Noted Publications :

Analysis and Reflection on the Green, Low-Carbon, and Energy-Saving Design of the Super High-Rise Building
Sustainability, 2024-05-15
DOI: 10.3390/su16104146
Contributors: Yangluxi Li, Huishu Chen, Peijun Yu, Li Yang

Spatio-Temporal Experience of Tour Routes in the Humble Administrator’s Garden Based on Isovist Analysis
Sustainability, 2023-08-18
DOI: 10.3390/su151612570
Contributors: Huishu Chen, Li Yang

Analysis of Narrative Space in the Chinese Classical Garden Based on Narratology and Space Syntax—Taking the Humble Administrator’s Garden as an Example
Sustainability, 2023-08-10
DOI: 10.3390/su151612232
Contributors: Huishu Chen, Li Yang

Author Metrics 📊 : 

Huishu Chen’s publications have garnered citations and recognition within the academic community, underscoring the impact and relevance of her research in architectural studies.

📅 Research Timeline:

2022: Commenced master’s degree program at Tongji University.

2023: Published key articles in international journals focusing on Chinese classical gardens and space syntax.

2024: Continued contributions to research with a focus on green, low-carbon, and energy-saving design in architecture.

Ms Huishu Chen | Chinese Garden | Young Scientist Award |

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