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Prof. Li Yang | Space Syntax| Best Innovation Award.

Tongji University,China

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👨‍🎓 Bio Summary:

Prof. Li Yang  is a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Tongji University, China. With a profound dedication to sustainable architecture, she has made significant contributions to green building design, energy conservation, and ecological planning. As a council member of the Physics Branch of the Architectural Society of China, she has led numerous high-impact research projects and published extensively in prestigious journals.

🎓 Education:

Dr. Li Yang holds a Ph.D. from Tongji University, one of China’s leading institutions for architecture and urban planning. Her academic journey has equipped her with the expertise and vision necessary to drive innovation in sustainable building practices.

🔍 Research Focus:

Prof. Yang’s research primarily revolves around green buildings, energy-saving techniques, low-carbon building design, and ecological planning. Her work aims to integrate sustainability into urban development, ensuring that modern buildings are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

🏆 Honors & Awards:

Dr. Yang has been recognized with numerous accolades, including the prestigious Prize for “Science and Technology Progress from the Architectural Society of China. Her innovative work has also earned her national invention patents, underscoring her role as a leading figure in architectural research and development.

Professional Experience: 💼

In her illustrious career, Prof. Yang has presided over major projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Funds. Her leadership extends beyond academia as she actively contributes to the Architectural Society of China as a council member.

📚 Top Noted Publications :

Spatio-Temporal Experience of Tour Routes in the Humble Administrator’s Garden Based on Isovist Analysis

Authors: Chen, H., Yang, L.

Journal: Sustainability (Switzerland)

Year: 2023

Volume: 15(16)

Article ID: 12570

Citations: 0


Analysis of Narrative Space in the Chinese Classical Garden Based on Narratology and Space Syntax—Taking the Humble Administrator’s Garden as an Example

Authors: Chen, H., Yang, L.

Journal: Sustainability (Switzerland)

Year: 2023

Volume: 15(16)

Article ID: 12232

Citations: 3


Mixed-Mode Ventilation Based on Adjustable Air Velocity for Energy Benefits in Residential Buildings

Authors: Su, L., Ouyang, J., Yang, L.

Journal: Energies

Year: 2023

Volume: 16(6)

Article ID: 2746

Citations: 1


CFD Modelling and Analysis for Green Environment of Traditional Buildings

Authors: Li, Y., Chen, L., Yang, L.

Journal: Energies

Year: 2023

Volume: 16(4)

Article ID: 1980

Citations: 2


Simulation and Optimization of Insulation Wall Corner Construction for Ultra-Low Energy Buildings

Authors: Zhang, S., Song, D., Yu, Z., Du, S., Yang, L.

Journal: Energies

Year: 2023

Volume: 16(3)

Article ID: 1325

Citations: 1

Author Metrics 📊 : 

Dr. Yang’s work is highly cited, reflecting the significant impact of her research in the field of sustainable architecture. Her contributions have set benchmarks for quality and innovation, influencing both academic and practical applications in architecture.

📅 Research Timeline:

Throughout her career, Prof. Yang has consistently pushed the boundaries of sustainable architecture. From pioneering green building techniques to leading cutting-edge research projects, her work spans decades of influential contributions to the field

Prof Li Yang | Space Syntax | Best Innovation Award |

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